Lowongan di Bali Mandira Resort And Spa

Hotel Bali Mandira Resort and Spa  looking for Guest Relation Officer Mandarin (GRO)

Job Description:

  • Guest Relation Officer (GRO) its main task is to establish good communication with the customer. Understand what is needed by the customer, meet all customer expectations. To get an idea of ​​fulfilling customer expectations, it is necessary to know the meaning of service quality.
  • Reliability: The ability to provide precisely and correctly the type of service that has been promised to the customer by communicating it well in this case the science of human relations is needed.
  • Responsive: Awareness or the desire to act quickly to help and provide services to guests in a timely manner
  • must be able to speak Mandarin fluently.

Telp: (0361) 751381