Lowongan Villa di Les Villas Ottalia

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Les Villas Ottalia looking for Chef


Candidates must have at least high school, Diploma in Hospitality / Tourism / Hotel Management or equivalent.

At least have 2 years of experience in a field suitable for this position. Preferably Supervisor / Coordinator specifically in Food / Beverage / Restaurant Services or equivalent. Responsible for Kitchen Management and kitchen / kitchen administration from the process of making and recording data in the kitchen / kitchen organization Maintain the running of the day-to-day kitchen operations by arranging the schedule of staff work under it and reporting all work to the Sous Chef position Maintain and always oversee fresh, dry goods and daily stock parts. Maintain and supervise preparation of food ingredients according to the hygiene standards set by the company. Maintain and supervise work schedules, general cleaning and sequences of work in operational kitchen. Working closely with operational supervisor services in updating stock items or menu quantities in daily biofing. Understand kitchen cleaning equipment properly and monitor all applicable sanitation policies.