Lowongan Villaa di Dedari Kriyamaha Ubud Villas

Dedari Kriyamaha Ubud Villas looking for 

Villa Coordinator

Job desk :
  1. Housekeeping Carry out direct supervision of housekeeping operations as a whole by holding regular inspections to produce better quality service
  2. Strong in FB and FO Background
  3. Carry out all operations in the HK Department.
  4. Carry out administration in the Housekeeping Department.
  5. Carry out supervision and checking of cleanliness, completeness of rooms, corridors, stations or linen rooms that are not appropriate.
  6. Carry out checks on the cleanliness and beauty of public areas (lobby, restaurant and garden) and utilities.
  1. Work Location : Dedari Kriyamaha Ubud
  2. Education : Diploma
  3. Field of studies : Hotel  / Tourism
  4. Years experience: 1-2 years in the same possition
  5. Skill : Strong leadership
  6. Language : English

Phone:  (0361) 908058